Meet our Good People: Tamkeenat Syed

Meet our Good People: Tamkeenat Syed

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Tamkaneet Syed was fasting the first time she ran into the friendly Good Food for Good People staff at a local farmer’s market.

Though she couldn’t sample the fresh food they were offering her, she could tell immediately this was an organization she wanted to be involved with.

“They invited me to a cooking party at the Love Building and I went,” she says. “It’s such a fun place and the people are genuinely nice–like out of their way nice. There’s a whole lot of selfless giving from others.”

Syed, a medical student at Meharry Medical College, is also earning her master’s degree in public health. Her passion for preventative health and promoting health through eating well matched up exactly with Good Food for Good People’s mission.

Syed is one of three new board members who are shepherding Good Food through its transition to become a non-profit organization. She is tasked with helping Good Food raise money to further its mission of getting healthy, affordable, local and organic food into the hands of Nashville residents who need it most.

“I love this organization because of what it does for underserved and marginalized communities,” Syed says. “It provides them good food and good company.”

Syed, as a future physician, wants to promote health through eating well, taking care of oneself and making wise choices. Her hope is that Good Food expands its mission of being a place for individual and community healing.

“We will be successful with those who are buying food and selling food are satisfied,” she says. “We want it be a shared experience on both ends in providing for communities that have a need for nutritious  foods.”

Meet our Good People: Charmonix Kinimaka

Meet our Good People: Charmonix Kinimaka



When Charmonix Kinimaka describes how customers at a farmer’s market light up at the sight of beautiful food, she herself breaks into a huge smile.

“I see these people when they see our big, beautiful display of food and they just light up. Something in them is so happy to just see good food,” she says. “I believe there is a deep yearning inside people for good food.”

Kinimaka, Good Food for Good People’s Love Market manager, is working to remove barriers between good, healthy food and the people who need it for their own well-being.

As a physician with an interest in nutrition and prevention, she not only oversees Good Food’s new community store, but works to combat health problems with a comprehensive approach to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Good Food for Good People is now a non-profit and working to further its mission of getting healthy, affordable, local and organic food into the hands of Nashvillians who need it most.  Kinimaka is working to offer that food to all customers as well as empower them to see food as medicine.

The job came at just the right time for Kinimaka, a physician with a background in surgery. As she trained to be a surgeon she realized her real interests and passions are nutrition, prevention and health education. She is working to integrate her medical training and her beliefs about nutrition, lifestyle and emotional and spiritual health.

“This is like a dream to have this job,” she says. “I think the biggest obstacle to health is education. People know they should eat healthy, but sometimes they don’t know how to cook it or access it. Making good food and education accessible to everyone is a huge part of helping people be healthier.”

Grand Opening Celebration: live music, free food, meet the farmers

Grand Opening Celebration: live music, free food, meet the farmers

Mark your calendars for Nov. 15

photo-3Good Food for Good People will host a grand opening celebration of the newly opened Love Market, a community outpost for all to connect with healthy, affordable, local and organic foods. It is a combination buyer’s club, coop and funky little store all-in-one.

Good Food for Good People recently received approval to transition to a non-profit organization in order to further its mission of providing healthy, affordable, local and organic food to Nashville’s most at-risk population in the city’s food deserts.

The creation of the Love Market, a community market and store, allows a dietitian, a physician and other knowledgeable staff to be on hand while customers shop for food multiple days a week.

The Love Market is open four days a week. Visitors get to shop from from the big cooler regularly filled with local fruits and vegetables, locally raised clean meats, cheeses and eggs. New shelves are stocked with affordable organic bulk items including lentils, grains, rice, flour, sugar, honey, salsa and coffee.


“This building has been transformed from a warehouse to a community gathering place where people are free to shop for good food and hang out with good people,” said Sean Siple, Good Food’s founder and Executive Director.

The grand opening is set for Sat., Nov. 15 from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Love Building, 4611 Alabama Ave.

The open house event will include live music, free food samples and a silent auction. Local farmers who supply Good Food’s meat, cheese and vegetables will be on hand to offer samples and meet customers.

The Love Market accepts EBT, cash and debit and is open:

  • Tues: 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Wed: 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Thurs: 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Saturday: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.